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I was literally driving home crying in gratitude which seems to be a new behavior for me, over how blessed I am in life, in love, in my ability to connect with such trouble teens that curse out all their prior theorists yet work with me. I love how I see my carreer as such a blessing to help others, and you helped me like me enough to finally see this!

I just want to send a huge THANK YOU your way. I know you say I do the work, however your skill gives me the motivation to do the work and your positivity and belief in me make me want to do it. The universe works in funny ways. You entered my life when my whole day was ruined by eating a bagel. Now i am on a carb binge and learned that life is going to be just fine. Working with you for such a short period of time has given me the opportunity to make such strides in life, and I thank you again. God has blessed you with such a skill and passion to help others, it is much appreciated:) look forward to working with you further and becoming an even better me!!


I get so freaking excited and giddy after a call with Heather. My energy has shifted 100% through our call and she helped me work through some seriously deep emotions and limiting beliefs. I am amazed at how our relationship has developed over our calls together. I know how important positive encouragement is, but it really amazed me how much I needed her perspective and uplifting support. She is my highest serving self reflected back at me. All the things I know intellectually, she fires back at me with love, compassion, non-judgement and sincerity. As a mom, I know she understands the struggles I face on my journey through this life. She offers me kindness and curiosity, insight and abundance. She reminds me of who I am.

She holds space for who I am, where I am, and my potential….all simultaneously.

Her energy carries with me, as I replay her words back to myself through the course of any day….rewiring old programming that brings me down. Her support is one of the greatest forms of self care and self love I can give myself. Thank you, Heather, for doing this work, so I can do mine.

Nikki Watson

I worked with Heather during a very stressful period of my life and her compassion and support are what carried me through. She is the perfect combination of therapist and coach and moves between the two roles with grace. Heather is one of the most intuitive people I know and I felt like she could see deep into my mind, heart and soul and knew just what I needed (long before I did). She challenged me to see beyond my limiting beliefs and guided me to surrender my fears and desires to the care of my inner guide. I was stuck in victim mode and quite comfortable in my misery. Heather guided me to see things differently at a time when I thought it would be impossible to do so. She held space for me to allow my feelings to rise to the surface and helped me process them once they arrived…usually in the form of buckets of healing tears. I am forever grateful to Heather for showing up for me when I was struggling to show up for myself. At the end of our last session I felt liberated!

Stephanie Kirylych

Investing in working with you, Heather, was one the best things I did for myself! At the start of the year I was in such a sad space over a relationship and over this year I have managed to change my perception of myself and let someone love me. Sometimes I still struggle with this, but I’ve allowed myself to be open. Next year I’m going to work on being more visible with the food remedy, I still have your recording that I listen to now and again telling me to be visible and I love it. I can’t thank you enough for helping me so much!

Kirsten Davies

When I speak with Heather, nothing feels scary anymore. She transforms my energy every time we work together and in only two months I have had countless revelations and shifts. Today, for example, I began in tears and left feeling ready to take on any creative project or challenge. Her mind and insights are incredibly perceptive, like a laser beam that manages to cut through the confusion, yet she always relays her insights without a shred of judgment, only love and warmth. I know that Heather is and will continue to be one of the most important people in my life! Working with her is a true gift.

Felicia Ricci

I was drawn to work with Heather to uncover some blocks and limiting beliefs, and I truly believe I was steered toward her by the Universe. In just a few sessions we pinpointed and shifted patterns that were holding me back. We did miraculous work, and I saw huge changes in my life and outlook immediately. I feel stronger, and much more empowered after working with Heather.

Ali Katz, Owner of A to Zen Meditation and Author of Hot Mess to Mindful Mom

I have only been working with Heather for a short time and I have already experienced huge shifts! I feel I can be completely open with her, like she is a sister to me. Her loving and calming energy is incredible and her heart is huge. She is deeply intuitive and I just feel so seen and so held in love in every session. She is truly a divine healer and I am so blessed to get to work with her. She has an innate ability to just see who you are and hold space for wherever you are at and to add a spiritual element to her counseling and coaching work that takes you so much deeper. Being able to have someone support me on both my business, my personal struggles, and my spirituality is invaluable! She is amazing and I look forward to every session with her!

Amber Rochelle Hargett

You are sooo freaking amazing. I’m watching your second video now and you just fill me with soo much love. I work with you an hour a week but the work you do keeps working every hour after. I have never made such rapid progress working with anyone in my life. Things have come up for me that I have been afraid of dealing with and I allow myself to feel them and miracles happen moments later. Love you. xoxo

Kerissa, CEO/Founder of University of Wellness

I’m sooooooo freakin happy because I have finally found the soul coach and therapist I’ve been looking for. The amazing Heather Regan!!! Heather, sit back and receive the love because it is just bursting out of me and I can’t help it! When I reached out to her I knew it was time to receive coaching. I had been looking for a coach because my intuition was telling me to get one but part of me (my ego) secretly didn’t want it because I was afraid to face my biggest fear. It’s time and with Heather’s loving support, spot on intuition, and guidance I feel like I can finally face it and come out on the other side ALIVE! :)) I told her stuff only my journal knows and I felt so at ease and comfortable with her. She is a beautiful channel of love. Our first session was aha moment after aha moment, goosebumps, chills, teary eyes, and love. I feel like the Universe wrapped its arms around me and said, “I got your back” the moment it sent Heather to be my soul coach. I hung up the phone feeling energized, free and elevated. Words can’t express how grateful I am for you, Heather. It’s not the words you were saying it’s the feeling I got as I heard you guide me through this block when I knew I had found the right person. I am facing my fear and with you as my coach I feel like everything will be ok. You are pure divine love. I’m grateful.

Arlene Shanti, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

I am so happy that I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Heather Regan. Heather is so full of love, nurturing, talent and straight up connection to spirit that it really just blew me away. I am so excited to work with her and I know that it has been SO divinely guided (11:11 everywhere!) This mentoring/coaching/counseling is the piece of the puzzle I know I have been needing to not only bust through my blocks but also to better serve my own clients and really do the work that I am on this planet to do. You Rock Heather!!! Thank you for listening to your spirits call to counsel, coach and mentor.

Victoria Bass, Health and Wellness Coach

I have just had a counseling and coaching session with Heather and OMG that lady rocks! She is such a beautiful ray of love and love and she told me exactly what I needed to hear to move forward! She has helped me through some very dark days as I struggled with my grief of my Nan passing. Heather is very gifted and I am so grateful to have this circle of love and light in my life.

Vivien Hickmott

Heather is a God send! I am so deeply grateful we were brought together. I started counseling/coaching with her just a couple of months ago and I already feel a sense of healing taking place. She’s helped me to get unstuck and take action towards achieving my goals to start my own coaching practice! She effortlessly blends therapy and coaching and I feel the divine coming through in our sessions together. You get the sense that she really cares about her clients and their success. Love her!

Shana S., Health Coach

In the short amount of time I have worked with Heather, I have busted through blocks that have kept me from intimate relationships, monetary abundance, and from living at my highest potential. Her love and guidance is priceless and life-changing. I have increased my income, removed writer’s block from finishing my first book, become more open to relationships…and this is only the beginning. I truly feel Heather is one of the angels that was sent to give me permission to use the wings I already had.

Kerissa Kuis, HC, WCP, CEO/Founder of University of Wellness

Heather is simply THE BEST!! I have benefitted so much since working with her. She truly listens, understands and can relate to my concerns. Her recommendations are awesome and shhe knows exactly what I need and offers tips, guidance and support in the kindest way.I felt extremely scattered, frantic and out of sorts when I first started working with Heather and her calmness, awesome questioning and awareness has helped me tremendously. The best part is that I carry over her feedback into my daily life with ease. I cannot recommend working with Heather enough. She will rock your world to an amazing place!!!!

Lisa Wells

Heather has been an enormous blessing in my life. Her compassionate, loving coaching style and amazing intuition has given me the strength and courage to heal and break free of my most painful patterns. Heather held my hand and guided me through some of the darkest times in my life and helped me to see that there is always something beautiful on the other side. She helped me to find the love and the lessons, so I could finally let these painful experiences go and appreciate the beauty that is in my life today. She seriously is the best and her blend of coaching, angel card reading and psychotherapy is one of a kind!

Michelle Danella

All testimonials listed were unsolicited, implications were discussed with the client and the counselor has obtained permission from the client for the use of the above testimonials.