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Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Do you find yourself being over-critical of your body? Do you ever find yourself eating when you are not hungry or not stopping when you are satisfied? Have you gone on countless diets only to end up beating yourself up, feeling defeated and then shaming yourself? Most of us have and if this sounds familiar to you, then this three-week group course is for you.

“Heather, I am just now watching the Live Stream from yesterday’s course and I am in tears. I have to tell you I LOVE YOU!!! You are just a gift from God, truly. You have the most loving, healing energy and your genuine intentions just shine through when you speak. I am so grateful for you! Never stop shining your light- you were meant to do this and I am so inspired by you!”

-Amber Hargett, Life Coach

You are not alone. Two-thirds of women struggle with disordered eating and the diet and binge cycle and I used to be one of them. Having struggled with diets so strictly in high school that by the time I got to college I ended up with severe anorexia and bulimia, I feel like I have a Life Cred PhD in this area. I also have a metaphorical PhD in healing this area.

Although I still struggle from time to time, I had the realization that healing from food and weight struggles is not only possible, it is our birthright. There is a direct correlation between how we eat and how we live, and in this course we will explore what it means to be truly Full-Filled in your soul and not with food or a certain number of the scale.

“Heather, I am so proud of you! You held that space with such confidence and skill for these beautiful women to bear their souls tonight. I had tears in my eyes as I listened back to the course and I cannot wait to participate next week. Thank you for shining your light, thank you being an amazing friend and gifted clinician. I have no words. I love you!”

-Haley Neidich, Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach

The amazing benefits you will receive:

  • We will address the root causes of our issues around food and body image, as well as how those issues can be healed.
  • We will focus on what it means to be truly hungry, why we sometimes feel like we can never get enough and what it is we are really searching for when we turn to food.
  • We will practice eating mindfully together, study mindful eating practices and do some meditation, visualization and free writing.
  • We will focus on why we often struggle with body image and how we can transform our body image issues to body love
  • We will, through community, realize that we are not alone in this struggle and that gentleness, forgiveness and looking at our struggles with food and weight can be healed by looking through the lens of love.

This three week video course can be done alongside any program and the main intention of the course is to replace your false hungers with self love instead of extra food, and to begin to heal any inner conflicts so that you can release the weight and the struggle for good. Join me as together we explore what it means to live Full-Filled.

“Such a beautiful class that was!!!! I love love love the idea of mindful eating!!! I am eager to make this a habit!! To enjoy the taste, smell, texture, etc of food!!! I so often just eat out of habit…. while doing 10 other things.. And I want to make eating a more sacred time… With no texting. Why is it I don’t put this into practice??? Hmmmm?? Something to think about and that these videos can help me with!!! ((((Hugs)))) for that brilliant class!! Excited to watch #3!!!!!❤️”

-Lisa W.

“You are sooo freaking amazing. I’m watching your second video now and you just fill me with soo much love. I work with you an hour a week but the work you do keeps working every hour after. I have never made such rapid progress working with anyone in my life. Things have come up for me that I have been afraid of dealing with and I allow myself to feel them and miracles happen moments later. Love you. xoxo”

-Kerissa Kuis, HC, WCP, CEO/Founder of University of Wellness

Full-Filled: A 3 Week Video Course in Food & Spirituality and a FREE 60 Minute Soul Therapy Session with Heather. 
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