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Dearest 2015,

DEAR 2015 #1We started out terrified, didn’t we? Pregnant with our 3rd child, in the hospital with the flu, hearing divine voices telling us that it was time to leap again and that there would be no net, only trust. We were so scared, yet we were told very clearly to stop touching the thorns and allow ourselves to open. To bloom. To expand. We did.

We spent many nights together in tears, and laughter, shaking and asking WHY— “why, now that my life is so settled, are you changing it all up God?” Together we heard the voice that said to us, “Child, you aren’t meant to be comfortable. You are meant to do great things. It is time to move again and you must trust that the net is there, although it is invisible.”

We spent many nights together saying “ok, we have the WHY. But, HOW? HOW is this going to happen?” You told us to let go of the HOW and we unclenched and let go. Together we learned what it means to flow in the ebb of grace. We learned that to let go means to allow and receive and literally be carried on the wings of angels.

2015, we sat together and planned our goals and we did so in such faith. We had fear, most certainly, but the fear was drowned out by Love and Trust and Faith that was so much bigger.

We welcomed our beautiful little girl, Quinn. She is special, we both know. There is something in her eyes that is not that of a child’s.

We were terrified together as we left our stable and very much loved career at the University to pursue private practice but we trusted the voice of God more than that of the egoic terror. We were brought such peace and certainty even in the midst of dis-ease and imbalance. Together we were reminded what it means to lose everything in order to gain the world and reclaim ourselves.

2015, it has been a tough year. It has been a wonderful year. I have loved you so much and you have loved me. You brought me so many sleepless nights and in the mornings you brought me dreams. So many dreams. Look what we have done together. We were a good team, you and me. Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for breaking me open into a million pieces to reclaim the goddess that I always have been but was too afraid to touch.

I am hearing that voice again, the one that says it is time to say goodbye. “Do not fear,” it says, “2016 is going to be even more miraculous. These dreams you have seen? They have only just begun.” So now, I thank you. Every moment was so special and you grew me into a strong, empowered, independent and faithful woman. Our word was TRUST and trust we did.

I now hold tight to that trust as I move toward EXPANSION. I ask, 2016, for expansion through contraction; expansion with ease and grace and a soft, tender, ebb and flow. Thank you. Together we will co-create and I trust and know that you will provide. You always do.

2015, as I look back on the years I will always hold you most fondly in my heart. You brought me so much joy and growth and now I release you. You were the year I found myself again and learned that it is safe to trust the call. Not just once, but over and over. You held me as I grew even when it was so uncomfortable. Thank you, dear friend, dear 2015. I love all you have been and all that you are. Although we say goodbye, you will live on in my heart forever. We belong to each other.

xoxo, H

Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Throw Kindness around like confetti. The kind of confetti that gets all in your hair, and explodes out of birthday cards. Be that kind of confetti exploding with kindness and so much so that it gets all over other people too.kindness-like-confetti

Your Story Matters

Maya Angelou said that there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. We all have a story to tell and your story matters. Your voice is important, your story is unique, and the world needs to hear it. When you have the courage to share your story and the let the world know exactly who you are and what you stand for, when you shine your light, it gives others permission to do the same. Believe in healing. Honor your intuition. Be true to yourself. Tell your story today and inspire others.dont-be-ashamed-of-your-story

When we are Fearless we are Free.

Worry is a prayer for everything you don’t want in your life and 95% of all of things we worry about never come to pass. So, why then do we worry so much when we could easily pray instead? When we could meditate and listen for God’s voice, yet instead we stay in our heads and listen to our own egoic voice? We worry due to a lack of faith. We worry because in our humanness we often treat God and the Universe like a buffet bar—- choosing what we will take and how much of it we want and leaving the rest that doesn’t suit us. Today choose faith and leave worry on the buffet. Put everything on your plate that is taking your life to the next level and leave the negativity, chaos and doubt to get cold on that buffet. The same way you fill your body with healthy foods, fill your mind with nourishment. Trust, let go and be guided. When we are fearless we are free.

Today’s Affirmation: I release all worry and live in Faith instead.pray-instead-of-worry1

I took it off

I took it off. I did not want to carry it with me anymore. Anger, resentment, bitterness, hurt shame, guilt, fear, unforgivenss and all of their cousins. They are all so heavy. You have to make a choice— a choice to take them off. A choice to put them down. A choice to let go and give them back to God and The Universe. What is it that you are needing to put down today? What are you choosing not to carry anymore? Post your comments below and let me know. Let’s start a conversation about what has gotten too heavy to continue carrying. I took it off

Dearest 16, I Will Not Save You

16, I Will Not Save YouDear Sweet 16,

I see you. I feel you. I have avoided you for many weeks, because to see you and feel you is so very painful that it grips my chest and makes the flow of tears unstoppable. I feel like I am back at the county fair on the Gravitron and as much as I try to pull myself away from the pain the gravity holds me right where you are.

I cannot figure out if it is more painful to revisit you because I cannot save you or because I do not want to.

See, the pain you feel now and that you will experience for many years to come will be used for healing. It will become your life purpose to counsel and heal others. However, I know for me to tell you that now, so many years later does not help you.

However, it is a truth that cannot be told. It must be experienced. (more…)

Your Body Is Speaking To You. Listen.

Your Body Is Speaking To You. Listen.

I have spent the last four days training with Gabrielle Bernstein in New York City. It was a transformative experience and one that I am still absorbing as my brain works to process all that I learned. I love being a licensed psychotherapist and counselor, but to be certified through Gabrielle Bernstein’s Masterclass is pretty freakin awesome. me and gabby

Aside from all of the amazing tools I learned this weekend that I now bring back ready to share with you, is how important Self Care is. As much as I learned and mentally absorbed, walked around the city, met new friends and slept (barely,) by yesterday I felt I was headed for a crash. My mind and body were begging for some downtime.

I needed a serious reboot. 

As I began to get clearer about my own priorities in life, I listened and unplugged. This is the first time I have been on Facebook, or any social media. Instead, I slept. I prayed. I meditated. I wrote in my journal. I spent time with my husband. I watched Netflix. I have cared for myself and as I sit here my brain and body are becoming more and more restored and I feel all energy that I lost returning.

Listen to Your Body. 

It knows exactly what you need (and don’t need.) Your Body is speaking to you.

When you feel off about a situation, don’t go. When your body tells you to stay home from the gym, rest it. When your brain says turn off the TV and get more sleep, power off. When God says get off of Facebook and spend the day with me, listen.

Just as showing up to work, traveling, playing with your kids and exceeding expectations at work are important, without self care none of these are possible.

Self Care is a Divine Responsibility. Will you listen to your body today?

self care

I am on a strict diet. Oh Look, Doughnuts!

When we really love something, we pay attention to it.

This weekend my husband and kids went out and brought home hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Not just any Krispy Kreme doughnuts; Pumpkin Spice & Pumpkin Cream Cheese Filled doughnuts. I wait all year for these. The season of everything pumpkin is sacred to me. Now, the old legalistic me would have been on a strict diet, said no way Jose, forbidden myself any pleasure and then quickly eaten 5 of them when no one was looking. The Full-Filled me, because nothing is “forbidden,” actually checked in to my body, realized it was satisfied, told my husband I was full and that I would eat one the next day when I got hungry again. (I know I couldn’t believe it either!) The next morning I ate one half of each doughnut and enjoyed them so much I told my husband to not even talk to me while I ate it (that is serious mindfulness.) I tasted every pumpkin spice morsel and let the taste explode in my mouth. It was because of this mindfulness, this paying attention on purpose, that I did not need to eat the rest of the box. In fact, that was it. That was enough. Yesterday we threw out half a dozen doughnuts that had gone stale. I tell you this to say to you, be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the hot fudge sundae or pumpkin spice latte as a treat, but when you get them pay attention. Cherish them, be present in the experience and what you may find is that you stop wanting them. What we forbid ourselves in life is what we most want, with food or anything else. It is because of unconditionally allowing myself this and other treats that I am now able to cleanse, say no to cheesecake or choose to eat an apple instead of fries without feeling deprived. Allow yourself pleasure and enjoy every moment of it, not just with food but with everything you love.  You deserve it. What happens when you allow yourself to be present with the things you truly desire? Oh look, inner peace!

It is in ForGIVING that we are able to ForGET

Have you eveforgiver realized that the word forgive is made up of two words— FOR and GIVE? I hadn’t either until this morning and I have been pondering this all day. Dropping our favorite F Bomb can be a really difficult thing to do, although it is at the heart of love and every spiritual practice. Without forgiveness we walk around angry, bitter, resentful, depressed and defeated. That is not what God wants for us. It has been said that staying angry with someone else is like drinking poison and expecting them to die. This is true. A lack of forgiveness towards others only hurts yourself. Forgiving someone who has hurt you does not mean that you excuse their behavior; however, it does mean that you release their behavior from destroying your heart and it sets you free. Similarly, forgiving ourselves is equally important and can be even more challenging. At least, this is true for me. It has taken years of practicing radical self acceptance and forgiving myself on a daily basis to break free of the egoic chains of unforgiveness. It took many tries and a nonjudgemental acceptance of my emotions. It took letting go of perfection and the need to punish myself much more harshly than anyone else could punish me. It took me giving to myself the same way I gave to others— unconditionally and without judgement. Drop the F Bomb today. There is no reason to hold on to it any longer. Breathe in forgiveness and breathe out resentment. The lesson for today is to be as forgiving to yourself as you are to others. For, it is in For GIVING that we are able to For GET.

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